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Ancient Alien History
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 After the stars were formed in massive dense clouds of molecular hydrogen and the Earth's crust had cooled, the unknown came rolling into our end of the milky way and our consciousness became aware.


   For thousands of years, civilizations and different cultures from the high plains of the Nazca lines to Machu Picchu, Puma Punku, Ollantaytambo to The Great Pyramid crossing the deserts and oceans from Easter Island to India, China and many others have purported or recorded visitations by unknown forces arriving from space. These forces were depicted as gods in antiquity and today, are called "Aliens". The Sumerians pressed wedge shaped impressions in what are accepted as the first written language on cuneiform tablets, telling the tale of a creation story depicting visitations going back to the dawn of man, between 196,000 BC and 455,000 BC. Coincidentally, Mainstream Academia accepts that humans evolved from the Middle Paleolithic between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago.

They came from the upper atmosphere, flesh and blood beings who were looked upon to have created plant life, water and the shadowed light in the night sky and the Sun. The ancient people then reached towards these beings to share with them this new knowledge. They were then compelled by this technology to believe that these gods had also created us.



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 You are about to experience an awakening, where you will be taken on a journey back in time and through the gateway of the gods to examine the still frames of evidence left behind by ancient civilizations who inscribed messages on 4,000 year old cuneiform tablets, and firsthand accounts in the form of petroglyphs on cave walls that date back 7,000 years. We can fill your galleries with a thousand instances of ancient astronauts visiting Earth or open the windows that connect you to the gods. You will see for yourself the megalithic structures, the pyramids, and the landing sites that were built for these visitors.


 Strangely enough, cultures from all over the planet were sharing the same knowledge of what are reminiscent of alien visitors. We will explore alternative ways for the archaeological analysis of ancient civilizations & their gods. Today you will be stepping outside the norms and into the past of Ancient Alien History.

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03/09/2014 20:06
 A brief look into existing theories of our origins and a new hypothetical theory.  The history of us and our origins and where we come from is what the Ancient Astronaut theory may someday be able to answer. Can E.T. answer the question that has plagued man and woman's mind...

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Exploring alternative ways for the archaeological analysis of ancient civilizations & their gods. Today we will be stepping outside the norms and into the past of Ancient Alien History.. 

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gods, Aliens or Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations?