Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Hatcher Childress By: Ancient Alien History Date: 02/05/2016

So that is what is all about for you eh! The last word. Cherry Picking and assumptions.

I did write that, this is what I wrote, Also I said I would not reply to your continued mannerisms. (More Cherry Picking.)

Subject: Re: David Hatcher Childress By: Ancient Alien History Date: 23/04/2016

A bad statement with no references. There is only one reference on the web that has no collaboration and comes from a debunking site to which the author likes to use profanity to achieve his point. This is bad literature and very hard to take seriously...There are no tweets or google+ shares, there are no dead links, not one. I don't even think it even happened. Just more nonsense from the debunking community.

Moreover to the point ~ I do not see anything wrong with a publisher promoting his clients material. With today's digital age, reviews are a form of promotion, ratings have a tendency to guide the buyers decision. Regardless of the charge of violating reviewers guidelines ~ There are in place so as Amazon can profit from sellers material by promotion or by setting guidelines for authors to sell their books at a cheaper prices. Amazon, Apple or whatever does not market item(s) for free.

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So now I must assume that although you can write english, you do not comprehend it.
~What action does the second paragraph present? It clearly states (Hang on I have already said this)
Subject: Re: Re: Re: David Hatcher Childress By: Ancient Alien History Date: 30/04/2016

Rationalwiki is anything but rational, a poor reference. I clicked the link, However as I had already stated by using this phrase : "Moreover to the point ~ I do not see anything wrong with a publisher promoting his clients material...[..]"
~ Which begs to say that no reference is required as to prove whether or not the review happened. We have moved on from that point.

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Who is delusional? Listen it is obvious that you are not a rational thinking person, you are subjective and you have a hard on for David and perhaps anyone else that is within the community. And as you keep going, you present yourself to be as such.

~ Also I never defined what a publisher does, did I?, And yet, you have decided that I have, to support your irrational thinking. And this is the reason that no intelligence can come from you regarding this topic. I provided a quote and a link.
Here it is once again.

"marketing/promoting--how does the public find out about a book? Most don't just pick it up off a shelf in a bookstore. They read a review, see an ad, hear about it from a friend on Facebook, or even watch an author on TV. Publishers have marketing staffs that send out review copies, create promotional items, send out posts on social media, and book authors on tours. If you are self-publishing, you will likely need to hire a marketing specialist.

What a Publisher Does: Key Roles
read more:

Read more:

~ I can assume that everyone knows who David H. Childress is on the format that we are mentioning because of the comments from people like you in regards to our topic, Also we are talking about it (Gumshoe~Debunker)

Answer me this..(And I have already asked you this but I will re-write it again.)

Why is that the Author can review his own work (In this here situation) and Amazon will not pull the review down?

Answer: Because he is not the seller.

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