Subject: It's probably inevitable ... By: Barley Date: 10/02/2017

We mistakenly interpret intelligence as an evolutionary advantage.
It's a crock.

Millennia ago, when we lived in the forests, or in caves, or whatever, we survived by brute force. The strongest males took all the attractive women and bred like the animals they were. Survival of the fittest was always a psychopathic tendency to dominate, to kill, to exterminate the weakest. P

We are still basically a race of psychopaths. We are much better at disguising it nowadays, having painted ourselves a thin veneer of respectability. But essentially, we are not that far out of the caves.

Some of us have dreams. Some of us have devised, and try to utilize, advanced technology. But there are still masses of dolts still around who will forever drag the entire society down into their weedy pits, blowing each other up, basically because of their ridiculous religious beliefs.

Religion is the antithesis of sensible, intelligent behaviour. Psychopathy breeds in our idiocy, our discontent, and thus rules.

Intelligence has very little to do with it. ,,

I have very little faith in our race's ability to survive much past this century. Maybe, this decade.

Carl Sagan, amongst others, tried to tell us that there are billions of solar systems in our own galaxy, let alone the billions of other galaxies, in which there must be literally billions of other 'intelligent' species with thriving, advanced civilizations. So how come we have yet to discover a single one of them?
Partly, of course, it has to do with distance, and simultaneity. The odds of any two such civilizations being close together in both space and time are extremely low, at least in our part of the galaxy. Towards the galactic center it may be much different. Even so, if evolution demands psychopathy for its existence, then perhaps it is inevitable that most of those civilizations destroy themselves, and their home planets, very soon after discovering fossil fuel.

Possibly the civilized societies that do survive are so unlike ours that we would not recognize them if we saw them. Do ants recognize cetaceans? I don't think the sc-fi writers have it right yet. Arthur C. Clarke and a handful of others, maybe.

Enough. I'm going to sleep, and I will dream of those little known electric sheep. Or a perhaps a Dyson sphere.

PS No, I don't play golf anymore, but I enjoyed it when I did. I used to get very high scores.

PPS Is golf in the Bible? I doubt it. The Book is mostly about people with beards and dressed in longish smocks knocking each other off, isn't it? Not even good sc-fi, if I remember. A lot of Israelites wandering about the course as well. It's all been done before. If God made this mess in the first place, then we're really screwed ... the handicap is out of site ...

On a more positive note, future evolution involves self-replicating AI. This would imply a very sophisticated type of (future) species, probably quite small individuals, maybe nanotechs in hive like agglomerations, travelling the cosmos in FTL ships ... no wonder we don't see much of them.

They/IT, the ultimate AI, will of course take over our planet, and will become the relevant (future) species. We will have thus replaced ourselves. It's inevitable.

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