Subject: Conspiracy Theory and Ancient (Roswell) Aliens By: Brennock Date: 10/02/2017


It surprises me. Brennock claims he is not a conspiracy theorist. Common sense and intelligent application of same, plus a modicum of education in the sciences dictate that conspiracies are usually concocted and promoted by individuals lacking in these very qualifications.

But, he says, consider the following.

"Years ago, I met and worked with Steve Jobs, Apple's wonder boy. He had not yet created the Apple Empire, and was hot on the trail of numerous concepts, any one of which could have (and eventually did) revolutionize our ideas about computer programming.

"Among other things, he was convinced there was a major conspiracy amongst the military/industrial/oil intelligentsia to create secret enclaves at various secure places around the globe that could, in the case of overwhelming national emergency, house enough of the top minds in these organizations to ensure the survival of the human race. He was convinced that we were/are on a one-way crash trajectory to species suicide, and that there were forces in motion attempting to create these supposed survival camps.

"To make a long story short, he had been approached by --- to develop security programs for such installations. Remember, this was in 1991, and we were only beginning to think in terms off the hugely sophisticated systems we take for granted, and complain about, today.

"He obtained security clearance that allowed him access to some of the countries top secret military sites, including - are you ready for this? - Area 51"

"An interesting note is that he possessed an eidetic memory, a fact that he forgot to mention and kept to himself most of his life, so that he was ideally equipped to see a lot of the equipment that was in development by various industrial/military research groups. In short, he memorized everything he saw, un-benounced to any of his employers.

"During the early 1990's, and as recently as 2005, he was able to enter Area 51 quite freely, on the basis of his credentials as one of the world's best informed computer technologists.

"Thus, Jobs had unrestricted access to the remains of the Roswell Spacecraft, and he made a thorough investigation of its operating systems. And he came away with an understanding of the phenomenal alien technology.

"One of the results is what we now know as the touch screen. Needless to say, most of his other related "i" inventions were based on similar technology he discovered in Area 51.

"That he was allowed to use his knowledge so openly indicates that he was, right up to his death, involved in transcribing certain aspects of the alien secrets into our every day lives. He was, in fact, encouraged to do so.

"So why do I call this a conspiracy theory?" you ask?

"Simple. It's not that he had access to top government secrets so much as that he is very much involved in the above mentioned programs to ensure survival of our species. As a top computer designer, he wanted to build basic communication systems that will survive whatever disaster is foreseen by his 'associates'. In other words, he hoped to save as many of us as he could in the only way he knew how.

"As to what other measures are being taken, we can only speculate. I have a few ideas gleaned from other sources that I will discuss later."

NB: Jobs used the acronym Everet J. Bose throughout his teens and early adult life. He spent two months working at a small factory in Wyoming owned by Bose Audio. This seems to be his only connection to the Bose company. Some of his early identification included a driver's licence issued in 1987, bearing this name.

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