"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: USMC sighting By: Jack Date: 16/03/2019

On an air craft carrier by the Philippines 1974 or 75 I saw along with four other Marines three
craft, disco like chasing a jet that had just lunched from the ship I was on. Today there no record of me being on that ship. I am told that it was a calcified mission, for what I do not know. I was on a second air carry off the cost of Cambodia in 75. That too has been classified, again why? I do not know.

Subject: 2016 sighting By: Jack Date: 16/03/2019

Kingman AZ a friend called me and a UFO was over my house. I went out side and watched this thing for over an hour. I rerouted it to MUFON and the local news paper ran a short piece on it.

Subject: 1977 sighting By: Jack Date: 16/03/2019

I was on a bus going to Washing D. C. it was about 3 am. {Weird repeating Time.} As got close to the capital I saw these blue balls, about 7 of them going in all direction over the White house. This made intentional news. This I now think is what the WW11 fighters are calling {Foo Balls.}

Subject: 1977 sighting By: Jack Date: 16/03/2019

In 1977 I was hunting raccoons at 3 AM out side of Wheeling WV. when the sky lit up with soft glowing lite, Then a cigar shaped object appeared. No sound, about 600 feet long, and three times the size of the good year blimp. The following day it made the news floating about 500 feet in the air from Pittsburg Pa. to West Virginia then Ohio and Kentucky.

Subject: Sightings By: Jack Date: 16/03/2019

I have been seeing UFO's since 1973. To date I have had 7 or 9 sightings. West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, D. C., Wyoming, Arizona. I had one encounter in 1979 Maryland with an Orange pulsating orb about twice the size of basket ball. As I started towards it I got the sensation that if I went any closer I would die. This thing was sitting in a fork of a tree. When I stopped It slower went to the ground. As I turn to leave I heard boost steps walking beside on my right. Although I saw no one foot prints appeared in the grass. It what ever it was stayed with me for about a quarter of mile. What does all this men? Allow for the possibilities of every thing.

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