"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: Mummy's By: Cecly Date: 14/09/2019

Re: Removing the organs. Earthlings may have seen organs in specimen jars and observed organ replacement. In abductionan an instrument is inserted through the nose to place implants, "trackers." If you've spoken of this I missed that footage.

Subject: Your lifes work By: David Pape Date: 14/09/2019

Dear Mr. Tsoukalos: I recently saw on the History Channel, that your lifes work involved proving that there is life beyond earth. I am a distinguished graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, in Brunswick, Georgia, I have a Masters Degree from Northern Arizona University, I am a former Mayor of Page, Arizona and Chairman of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments and I was a commercial pilot. I was a National Park Service, Park Ranger and am aware of a Dept. of Interior, case incident, where a number of visitors to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Lake Powell), came in contact with a biomechanical entity. I can put you in contact with one of these individuals. This group, who witnessed this biomechanical entity, were all members of the LDS Church and there was no alcohol or drug use. The incident lasted over an hour, as "creature like" biomechanical entity flew in the canyon, where they were camped and thenhovered over their campsite, giving off a strong strobe light, that illuminated the canyon walls, where they were camped. I have a copy of the original case incident report, taken by law enforcement Park Rangers, if you would be interested in seeing a copy. I was a law enforcement Park Ranger, on duty at the Wahweap Ranger Station, when this case incident was taken. The case incident report, is a formal documentation, of an incident reported to the National Park Service, law enforcement rangers. The individual who reported this incident, was a Juvenile Judge, from Provo, Utah and again a member of the LDS Church. He was sincere in making this report and I have kept his name a secret over the years. I am now 75 yrs. old and feel this report is genuine and I do not want to take it to the grave. I can be contacted at grdcanst@yahoo.com or my cell phone at 602-882-2217. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, David A. Pape

Subject: Antigravity By: Tim Date: 08/09/2019

Bill Birnes! Yes! Your right. It was antigravity. And lasers that was used to cut through at bottoms and could bend I any direction to cut the blocks bottom lose then around its back and sides. we are about 40 years away from that technology yet.. Here on earth our best scientist don't understand antigravity for if they did they would then also know the equation for? that would then give them the strange anomaly that comes with it? Only one soul on this planet knows the whole truth on this subject ? Have a nice day

Subject: Project Stargate S3 E5 By: Tim Date: 04/09/2019

{Bingo}!!!!! You got it. Yes! There was another civilization on Mars long ago, And Yes The Government knows it. But there's much more to this than you know. Or the government. And Mars was not the only planet that had an ancient civilization on it. That's all that can be told just yet.

Subject: Band of Holes Peru info By: Bunny Moazed MS Date: 04/09/2019

September 04, 2019

Giorgio Tsouklas

RE: Band of Holes - Peru
Dear Giorgio Tsouklas,
My heart is beating so fast I can barely keep up, yet I have been encouraged to reach out with my discovery!
As one fascinated with our ancient past for over 60 years, I believe what I have discovered to be true. It is even possible to support my observation with further revelations…
Whereas, I an excited to share this information, I cannot take full credit. You see, since having been struck by a city bus running a red light, breaking my neck, I have been communicating – in Spirit – with a Higher Power. Thus, I suspect He has been the one to open my mind to the source/reason for the Band of Holes in Peru.
My background includes a Master of Science degree: Alpha Phi Sigma on the Criminal Justice Honor Society and copious research on Aliens. Metaphysical Facilitator for 16 years.
While excited to share my revelations, it must be accomplished in a professional manor. (Documented).

I remain, Excited,

Bunny Moazed MS
850 E. Desert Inn Road Unit D-C
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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