Looking upon history, humankind’s identity can be found, and throughout its pages an alien presence speaks loudly of the many times visitations took place.

Subject: Mummies, Aliens and Afterlife... By: Tennille Date: 07/03/2018

Is it possible with all the correlations between ancient aliens and their influence on Egyptian Civilization is it possible the purpose for mummification to be “Resurected” or Cloned as the true after life they speak of??? It would make a lot of sense if they mummified their favorite animals to be cloned as well. To be mummified would be a way to ensure being reborn when the GODS Return...

Subject: Egyptian DNA By: Wolf Carnahan wolfcarnahan@mind.net Date: 07/03/2018

What if the Egyptians created mummies. so using their DNA, the gods could clone them, when they returned, thus bringing the Egyptians to the afterlife?

Subject: Mystery of Oak Island By: Janice Schaller Date: 26/02/2018

Nothing was buried.

The chambers and all that stuff came from below the ocean. It’s venting or a portal or something an underground alien World All the little treasures being found are no different then us walking the beach and finding things that travelled a long distance across the ocean and finally washed ashore - over the years/centuries/millenniums many people have walked that ground and maybe ‘dropped an item’ or disposed of their garbage - incinerators likely didn’t exist before or the local landfill. I.e. if I drop my loonie today on the way into the office and someone finds it in 200 years does it mean there is a buried treasure - nope, it’s something dropped long ago.

Subject: Oak Island Mystery - My Theory By: Janice Schaller Date: 26/02/2018

Nothing was buried.

The chambers and all that stuff came from below the ocean. It’s venting or a portal or something an underground alien

Subject: Impressive Programming for Stay @ Home Senior with 'Connection' By: Sandra Larsen Date: 19/02/2018

Favorite program, by far! It's the * (star) of History Channel. I eagerly await Fridays...mark them on the guide so as not to mis any! So pleased this season - few if any reruns - content more updated! When I was 5 yoa had dream of 'flying craft' that was very realistic, yet never saw a UFO of that 'design' until this year when I researched the Mahabharata and there's an extraordinary drawing of it...highly unusual! Also, some years ago, doctors with military base X-ray discovered 'implant' in my leg, which was never removed as it's in/near the muscle does make me wonder!! And, btw I'm RhNeg! Yes, I relate to these awesome presentations!!

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