"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: David Hatcher Childress By: Carl Bevaqua Date: 09/05/2016

>>Listen it is obvious that you are not a rational thinking person, you are subjective and you have a hard on for David<<

"A hard on"??? Good grief, I thought I was communicating with an adult. I'm definitely in the wrong place -- I'm outta here.

Subject: Daid Hatcher Childress By: Carl Bevaqua Date: 21/04/2016

On 16 June 2015 Childress posted a five-star Amazon review of a book published by his own company, Adventures Unlimited. The book was 'Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies' by Mike Bara. Amazon took it down, as a flagrant violation of the reviewers' guidelines.

Does anyone here think that was an honorable thing for David to have done?

Subject: Re: Daid Hatcher Childress By: Ancient Alien History Date: 23/04/2016

A bad statement with no references. There is only one reference on the web that has no collaboration and comes from a debunking site to which the author likes to use profanity to achieve his point. This is bad literature and very hard to take seriously...There are no tweets or google+ shares, there are no dead links, not one. I don't even think it even happened. Just more nonsense from the debunking community.

Moreover to the point ~ I do not see anything wrong with a publisher promoting his clients material. With today's digital age, reviews are a form of promotion, ratings have a tendency to guide the buyers decision. Regardless of the charge of violating reviewers guidelines ~ There are in place so as Amazon can profit from sellers material by promotion or by setting guidelines for authors to sell their books at a cheaper prices. Amazon, Apple or whatever does not market item(s) for free.

Subject: Re: Re: David Hatcher Childress By: Carl Bevaqua Date: 29/04/2016

Please see comments. #18,19 to this review:

Then please read this:

If you don't see anything wrong with a publisher posting a 5* review of his own product WITHOUT DISCLOSING HIS CONFLICT OF INTEREST, then you're even more morally bankrupt than Childress.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: David Hatcher Childress By: Ancient Alien History Date: 30/04/2016

Rationalwiki is anything but rational, a poor reference. I clicked the link, However as I had already stated by using this phrase : "Moreover to the point ~ I do not see anything wrong with a publisher promoting his clients material...[..]"
~ Which begs to say that no reference is required as to prove whether or not the review happened. We have moved on from that point.

~ Try to keep up.

Here's the point
..and please, do try to follow and have a basic understanding of how the marketing world works.

...and I will even make it easy for you with a quote and a link:

"marketing/promoting--how does the public find out about a book? Most don't just pick it up off a shelf in a bookstore. They read a review, see an ad, hear about it from a friend on Facebook, or even watch an author on TV. Publishers have marketing staffs that send out review copies, create promotional items, send out posts on social media, and book authors on tours. If you are self-publishing, you will likely need to hire a marketing specialist.

What a Publisher Does: Key Roles
read more: https://www.underdown.org/publisher-expertise.htm

Who wrote this book?
~ Mike Bara

Did Mr. Childress review a book that he had written himself?
~ No

Is Mike Bara selling his book on Amazon?
~ No, David Hatcher Childress is, who is the Publisher and is promoting his clients book.

The only misnomer here is that a person cannot review the items that they sell on Amazon. The book in question is sold by the publishing company. The publishing company reviewed their client books ~ As it clearly states in the above quote that a publisher does. ...Hmmm Hopefully that should clear things up for you.

The problem here is this...Had you applied common sense you would have derived to the following conclusion, as I did almost immediately upon reading your original comment. ~ I am literally finding out now that ..."Publishers have marketing staffs that send out review copies, create promotional items, send out posts on social media...[..]" for their CLIENTS books as a type of promotion. ~ Welcome to the digital age.

..Had the author reviewed his own book on Amazon than this I would question. What is the point to this? Amazon would not have pulled the author's own review. Why? If you are still asking is..because the author is not the seller!

So now, thanks to you..Everyone can now see that there never was a conflict of interest...

I stand strong on my original statement for obvious reasons.

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