"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: a question By: maxwell Date: 02/07/2019

hi again.
so why is the apex of the perfect giza pyramid missing?
could it have been the benben stone ?
or gold ?
or something else...

Subject: forgot to mention By: maxwell Date: 01/07/2019

also, i forgot to mention this on my previous comment.
you guys spoke about that maybe these ancient aliens were machine or robots and etc
i think what you would find interesting is: Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964 proposed a method for measuring levels of civilizations which is called: Kardashev scale

in it, civilization 3/5 is where any civilization would build colonies of robots and they would upload their minds on machines...

also, you can find the very famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku commenting on this.

in general, I would very much like the show more if you could get your hands on even more scientists.

best of regards

Subject: more resources By: maxwell Date: 01/07/2019

can you surf on more resources ?
for example as much as religions or cults go, there are many many weird and questionable things in Islamic notes such as Quran.
for example, the god and angels occupy the seventh's layer of sky. and its called "arsh".
now "arsh" translation from Arabic literally means "deck" like a ship.

there are whole texts about ants and it talks about how they used to be people before.

the story about djin?
in islam it says djin were nice and regarded as NOT QUITE but still something on par with angels, then they started to take people up to the god's desk (arsh) and they themselves would sneak in there to eavesdrop on god's and angels and then they were punished and they were banished from traveling to going up all the way to "arsh" and they were restricted

I'm writing these LITERALLY without editing, you can find lots and lots of such things in islamic texts

Subject: S12E4 By: Kim Richardson Date: 01/07/2019

39.57 minutes into S12E4, you may have caught a picture of an UFO or a really fast helicoptor. Right at top of screen I can see a very fast moving object which is dark in color.
I went back and viewed this half a dozen times to make sure my eyes were correct. It may have propellors like a helecopter. It would be amazing if it turned out to be an UFO since this series is about.
I would like to know what you see and you can email me, kimmarie52@live.com

Subject: The Badlands Guardian S14 E2 By: Tim Date: 23/06/2019

Childress, You got it right We did come from mars, And Venus! Trust me! Be Cool

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