Looking upon history, humankind’s identity can be found, and throughout its pages an alien presence speaks loudly of the many times visitations took place.

Subject: ILLITERACY By: JUST THE FACTS PLEASE Date: 22/09/2018

It is such a shame to have such a con man with all related qualifications contribute to the pseudo-science of "extaterrestials" as he pronounces it. This ignorant person denigrates the intelligence of mankind by promulgating the idea that ancient man had not the wherewithal to build and create without the assistance of aliens. He ignores the abilities of Newton, Einstein, Socrates etc. to invent and create. The fact that space travel still depends on techniques (propulsion by chemical ignition) going back to ancient principles of Chinese and Japanese fireworks seems to elude him since if mankind possessed such technology as he claims, we would use it to explore the solar system and beyond instead of probes launched from earth that take years to reach the outer planets. The fact that people believe his illiteracy says much about P.T. Barnum's statement regarding suckers. He has no contribution to add to our knowledge, merely a sideshow (his hair is one of the exhibits) that isn't worth the price of admission. Check his credentials (actually, his lack thereof ) on any credible website.

Subject: Years of encounters By: Lachetta Janitzek Date: 21/09/2018

I don’t really have a comment I just need to tell someone my story from 1986 ito1991 about being followed myself and siblings for those little length of year it’s really hard to tell people anything about it not just me and my siblings anyone we were with was subject to an encounters with a UFO. Again I just need to get this off me if someone would contact me back @ ljanitzek74@icloud.com thank you

Subject: Blood Type By: Dominick J Vettraino Date: 15/09/2018

You stated on your program that B- blood is an indication of possible alien presents how ever two B+ blood types came make a B- blood type. Again you are operating a con job. Not surprising that you got the guy playing Spook to be your example. I am directly descended from the Annunaki I have it in print. But you are not looking for the truth you are running a con. Now you ass holes are in my cross hairs and I will expose your bullshit for what it it.

Subject: Chem trails and meteriorites By: Mark Halverson Date: 10/09/2018

Is the US government using Chem trails to kill the microbe bacteria on incoming meteriorites so they can't change us any further?

Subject: I know the pyramids were contructed By: Ryan Beaver Date: 03/09/2018

I,m a huge fan believer and well since I saw unsolved mysterys, they had a episode on a man that basically using his bare hands and created a maze and just beautiful coral ar. It thinks its called coral caraal. It was said that there was a t pee set up with a black box at the top and chains coming through he also stated I know how the pyramids were constructed. The mayn log calender gives us the proof that they had the knowledge of basic gears. if you put a bunch of gears almost as a manual transmision, Moving the block just a bit with the use of a lever it is possible. Like saquerties said give me a big enough lever and ill move the earth. there was a man also down in florida that built a gear box that would drive a person on this many dinasour using a screw gun it could hold up to 200 lbs. Now picture that on a massive scale in my eyes and mind. its scientifically possible. Also with me only having barely a high school diploma. I was hit in the head with a hammer and almost killed I believe this knowledge is coming to me in mt dreams. Also you shoulf look into prophets Like artist Alex Grey. He did a painting basically predicting 911 the painting shows so much more you just need too look. I also have a reacurring dream of a blonde but her hair is not normal she has big blue eyes and always says look to 2025 Think of me as a messanger. We are in the depths of the gods rage the new plage is heroin. my email id rjbeaver2@yahoo.com i would love to hear theorys. Also the japanese are extreamly disap,lined and thats why sitings are more common

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