"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: The Badlands Guardian By: Tim Date: 23/06/2019

Giorgio. In this episode when you told the lady that was showing you how that the elongated skull would look like and you said your opinion was that the people that has theses long skulls must have been the aliens themselves! (YOU ARE RIGHT) ! You the man!!!!!! How did you come to that idea? Well, It does not matter. These people were born that way, They did not tie anything around there heads when they were young. Theses people Giorgio, You did it.... I know what you seek! I'm trying to write a book ,Its not easy because I have no experience on doing one. But I'm trying just the same, And you will find what you have been looking for in it. From , A to Z........ Have a nice day

Subject: Diatance to area By: Tim Date: 22/06/2019

You say rubble comets planets cant knock Tabby's Stars light down as much as it is showing on your equipment! Yes it does! even if it was a small planet as small as Pluto , Even radio waves have to detect gravity bend by planets and the extra distance from your wave going past the planet and it hitting Tabby's Star. Kind of like a Eclipse between the earth and the moon. the moon blocking the suns light to viewers on earth when it runs across an area on earth may not be very wide but does block out and you cant see the sun but its outer atmosphere. same here, if a planet is far out in away in Tabby's Stars solar system . Your radio signal your using ,if only at the right trajectory would see a partial drop in brightness .

Subject: NASA hiding this By: dan smith Date: 22/06/2019

Go to skyview query form. Type in these coordinates. 13h48m27s -08d25m24s Go to
IR: IRAS survey and click on the iras and iris selections one at a time. On IRIS you will find nothing but a square black box. But in IRAS you will fing what NASA is hiding. Tell me what you think.

Subject: biological psychology and history By: Matthew Day Date: 22/06/2019

In regards to the power of three theory i actually may know the answer of how they were created. As far back to the very first civilization the myths instructed a big war between some evil and good. My concrete theory states that the torture from the slavery from these civilizations sprouted groups now known as physically disabled and NT's ( nerotypicals) and these events sprouted mutations that were no longer mortal. This left 3 area's where these mutations could leak 1. Blood 2. Brain 3. Neurons so at the peak at every civilization a war breaks out known as the war of mortality. I believe the three powers stand for the three most enhanced in each group. We have half the tech to make this happen now. If these civilizations are actually more advanced then this scenario could be easily replayed throughout history.

Subject: They never left? By: Tim Date: 16/06/2019

George! Hey guy. The aliens ,Never left Earth. Trust me!

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