Looking upon history, humankind’s identity can be found, and throughout its pages an alien presence speaks loudly of the many times visitations took place.

Subject: Dark Matter By: John W Eure Date: 25/08/2018

Just a theory of mine that date matter may be the strong static build up from billions of years of explosions and planets etc. Super static electricity could be what holds solar systems and even galaxies together. Hence, dark matter.

Subject: When I Was god Zeus By: Howard Date: 17/08/2018

God is an ancient alien born of the Sun have many names sun gods and the gods of thunder and lightning threw mankind history starting with the Incas the Mayans and the Aztecs Egypt Greece and Rome probably the reason why you can't contact me is there something wrong with my email I live in Tacoma Washington 98405 Apartments 323 address 803 South 15th Street send me a letter PS it's true that I used to be God Zeus I will explain everything

Subject: RH negative blood By: Dawn D Date: 14/08/2018

Hello I am writing you today about my RH negative blood type and to tell u I also have grey eyes which is the rarest eye color, I also wanted to tell you about my heartshaped uterus that I became pregnant 3 times resulting in 3 healthy beautiful babies (I did have to recieve rogam shots during pregnancy and another after delivery) , but then I became pregnant again but this time I was pregnant with 2 babies but conceived on different dates . I was told I would have to abort them otherwise I could die during labor or one baby would feed all the nutrients while the other wouldn't make it. I have never been any kind of sick really and I'm 37 years old but ok I just wanted to let you know bout this in hopes we might learn more about people who have RH negative

Subject: Puma Punku By: Gina K. 1951 Date: 11/08/2018

I am a fan of Sitchen and I believe he hit on the use of the stone H blocks in one of his books. They were used to form ingots of the gold to be transported to Nibiru. The other odd shapes could have been used to form locks to hold the "H" block ingots in place. I wonder if they could be tested for trace elements of gold to support this theory.

Subject: Season 4, The Mystery of puma punku By: I.S.Kean Date: 06/08/2018

As far as the H-blocks go. One way to make them that the show didn't suggest was to make them with molds. We make things like engine blocks and other metal components from molds made from sand and other materials. If the rocks were melted down and poured into the molds, it would make the corners, right angles and other lines near perfect every time, as well as the surface smooth. Then holes could be drilled as needed into the stone. Your comments are welcomed as I enjoy thinking about such things. Please send any thoughts or coments to Ssales47@aol.com TY for your time.

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