"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: Alien Conspiracies S1 E73 By: Tim Date: 25/05/2019

DNA! It is a chemical recording system for all past information. There are some that can remember and recall any portion of our past at any given time they whish, But to find that way by science may be further into our future before science can access all the information that the human mind can. Now of course if you can find a way to really get into a persons brain that has this ability and I don't mean just be able to make there arm twitch or eye roll, But to actually get in and follow the brains commands you might be able to unlock all you need to know about our past. Trust me. You guys are great! I hope your show runs forever ,Tim

Subject: Hypatia Stone By: Danny Date: 19/05/2019

Love the show. Generally speaking, you guys are definitely on to something revolutionary. I was watching the episode with the superconducting meteorites and couldn’t help but connect another episode that had a similar passage. Apologies as I cannot recall the exact episode, however it included mercury as a super conductor. Within this same episode, there was an experiment preformed where a super conductor similar to mercury was cooled and levitated above a track.

As stated in s13 e12, I believe these meteorites such as the Hypatia stone, are pieces of ancient machines that utilized these super conductors along with the energetic fields within planets like ours, to be able to fly anywhere they wanted.

There seems to be a connection between pyramids with mercury pools, or any structure that seemed to have supported liquid mercury, and these super conducting meteorites or “fragments of ancient machines”.

This connection only makes sense if you think about it in the following way... Ancient crafts were designed and made structurally with super conductor materials (Hypatia stone like materials) . In these crafts were a liquid mercury based propulsion system (which is also mentioned somewhere in an episode). Since the craft itself is made from a super conductor, and the propulsion system was also designed with a liquid super conductor, the craft could easily harness the energy it needed wirelessly through a network of super conducting power plants a.k.a the great pyramid etc.

This concept has probably already been thought of but I wanted to share it because I made these connections on my own. Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: Hypatia Stone By: Bernardus Zonneveld Date: 01/06/2019

I hope this message finds David. Please Please read Through Alien Eyes By AuthorWes Bateman as it fully explains who built the Pyramids and why and shows proof that you need to see. Again Please whoever reads this get this message to David it is that important. Sincerely Ben Zonneveld 40 yrs of studying what you study.

Subject: Crop circles By: Fred Rizzo Date: 18/05/2019

No title


The focus: plant crops.
The patterns: beautiful, intricate.

The United Nations recommend that we eat a vegan diet to combat global warming caused by the greenhouse gases emitted by the animal foods and fossil fuel industries.

The American Medical Association recommends hospitals adopt a vegan diet because of its maximum health benefits.

Who says some aliens aren't guardians?

Subject: ANCIENT Aliens Biblical insight ...attention Mrs. Linda Howe By: Gary W Smith Date: 17/05/2019

Greetings Mrs. Howe, I am retired Navy officer and Retired Boeing Company. Watching AA I am capable after being call to help LGA. Read II Peters 2 and understand that the old heavens has fallen. With it many of the righteous being have fallen also. It has been revealed to me as a holy man that there are Six known universes. I can also inform you in great detail that my Trail by Fire passing has placed 15 callings on me. I am available at misiuTOSH@outlook.com . My earthly father was retired US Army and an SBC minister. One my callings will be hard for you to believe...let's talk.

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