"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: Theory of Petroglyphs By: Robert W. Date: 16/07/2019

I believe that thete was a war between planets. Back when there was an advanced civilization, people had families and friends on different planets. The petroglyphs MAY have been a way for the survivors of the calamity to let others know where they were going or where they could be found. They may have been a sort of Family seal. Just a thought. Maybe looking at the petroglyphs through that lens will provide better answers.

Subject: Badlands By: Tim Date: 13/07/2019

Yes, There was a civilization on Mars. Not speculation!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Truth. There is only a hand full of people on Earth that know the whole truth about Mars Earth & Venus! This civilization use one hell of a lot of iron and steel on the surface?????????????Hint? Have a nice day.

Subject: Petroglyphs By: Tim Date: 13/07/2019

The petroglyphs were for constructed for the same reason we sent Voyager probe out with the golden record with many different things showing our way of life, But only a we bit lower technology invested. Have a nice day.....

Subject: Your Right. By: Tim Date: 13/07/2019

We did seed Earth! You got it finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't look any further, Don't keep guessing, Don't keep trying to find other reasons why we are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole story of us, Was recorded and handed down although a little mixed up and changed and manipulated and has been used for corrupt ways by some such as pharaohs, and hateful other so called leaders! This information , This Ancient Text, Was not only written down , But also was, In case of the text falling into the wrong hands and trying to control the indigenous people. What these corrupt people### Oh Excuse me! Ancient Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did not know was ,The Old Wise ones! These Aliens elders!!!! Had also wrote it down on something we all know today as!!!!!!! DNA! Kind of a tape Recorder!! Have a Nice Day!!!

Subject: tuatha de dannan By: maxwell Date: 11/07/2019

did you know in the legend it also says that the meaning of the name is tribe/nation of the god/goddess and the goddess which they talk about is named "Danu".
now danu is also called "anu" and it means "mother of the irish gods"
not to mention in Hindu mythology there is a goddess named: Danu
which is practically the same role.
also, "don" in ancient Celtic means "earth"

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