"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: Pyramids By: Griggs Date: 12/01/2019

@ Giorgio Tsoukalos
Sitting here binge watching Ancient Aliens... With this theory of formica and Mercury being used to create a giant electrical grid at the pyramids... Isn't it also possible that given the effect temperature has on Mercury, if the Egyptians did create a large electromagnetic field (or even a small onel that they could have used this technology to move those giant megalithic stones into place. Also, incorporating the theory that frequency may also be used, it's an interesting thought on how they may have combined these technologies. I'm not so sure I buy this electrical grid Theory, but I do find it feasible that they could have harnessed this technology as a process for moving these large stones over vast distances and heights. Jan 12 2019. Griggsyrocks@gmail.com

Subject: Pyramids By: Randy Date: 12/01/2019

The Pyramids are a defense mechanism to protect the planet from being bombarded by certain weapons by creating a force field. Hopefully this will get to the right person. No asteroid belt is going to hapoen again.!!

Subject: the cloud By: jim Date: 08/01/2019

the information certain people recieve at the same time is not all around us all the time . like radio signals going out into space some where someone is about to see the first episode of leave it to beaver. the info that some of us are recieving is comeing from somewhere else and we are living thier past as we recieve their info at the same rate they were transmitting it and the more we learn this info we will follow thier path just like them right or wrong maybe we should be very careful what we do not to make the same mistakes! or not.

Subject: Re: the cloud By: buyonline.world Date: 19/01/2019

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Subject: Gifted Natural Holistic Energy Healer By: Michael Bastuba Date: 05/01/2019

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