"For thousands of years, humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other-worldly beings came down from the skies to visit Earth".

Subject: Re: alien power plants By: Ancient Alien History Date: 17/04/2016

I don't have any videos depicting a lightning bolt as energy. You have this website confused with Ancient Aliens the television show. However I do believe, that this is done just to show the viewer a symbolism of electricity.

Subject: Logical explanation of commonplace pyramids By: Philip Fallacaro Date: 12/09/2015

The pyramid, and variations of, is perhaps the only shape possible when constructing a tall stone structure. Architects of historical past civilizations, given the task of constructing a tall mega structure to worship gods or kings, had no other recourse than to use a pyramidal stable base upon which to build upwards. The size of the base and the desired height determined the angles needed. THAT'S WHY PYRAMIDS WERE SO COMMON AND FOUND ALL OVER THE WORLD: IT WAS THE ONLY STRUCTURAL SOLUTION FOR VERY TALL, STONE OR MASONARY BUILDINGS. EACH INDEPENDENT CIVILIZATION CAME UP WITH ITS OWN UNIQUE VARIATIONS OF THE PYRAMID WITH NO NEED FOR GUIDANCE FROM EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

Subject: Re: Logical explanation of commonplace pyramids By: Ancient Alien History Date: 15/09/2015

Why would you say the Great Pyramid of Giza is commonplace. The title would indicate differently. Dolmens were one of the first to be built and it is not shaped like a pyramid. "The act of building, after all, had to be learned before the art of building could appear" Architecture, David Jacobs. When we think about the first building material. we look at Stonehenge and The Temple of The Warriors at Chichen Itza. "Tolec builders used columns and beams to support slab roofs..." There are 97 pyramids in Egypt alone, and there is only one that is 471 ft tall.

Ziggurats also came before... Dolmens were commonplace for worshiping. Pyramids were not the first known structures for worship and according to mainstream Archaeologist, the Great pyramid was not used for worship. Ancient Astronaut Theorist say It was used as a Power Plant. However, Archaeologist also say there is no significance to Gizas construction, there is only coincidence. They do not recognize, The alignments or the pythagorean triangles within. They are mandated by science. And science tells us that the Egyptians should not have Known about Pythagorean triangles or the alignment of Orions Belt or even to have the ability to know that Sirius B is our closest star because the technology was not yet invented to do so. A theorist works inside of those principles. And if science collaborates what some ancient civilization Knew in the past. Then how did they know about Sirius B. And how did they know that this is our solar systems birthplace? Until I hear a more reasonable answer.

"We have been visited, and these visitors will return to Earth again" - Erich Von Daniken.

Subject: omg VIsions GOLD GODS ana ALIENS (im not crazy) By: Moriah Petties Date: 03/05/2015

watched an episode about aliens and temples of gold after something that got my mind turning was the story of the Zippa tribe (sorry if i spelled that wrong) and the ancient Sumerian gods the anunnaki and the reason for mans creation flashed into mind like i was dreaming but i was still aware of my surroundings in this dream like vision the Zippa had been visited by these gods and long story short later upon there departure was told they would be back and might need more gold over time, a ritual where el darado would have resin and then gold dust place on his body and then would jump into a sacred lake and let it wash into the water as an offering to the gods also was a very vivid thing i witnessed it made sense to me later that the Zippa had this as part of the ritual because the gold deposited into the water would evaporate and then rise into our atmosphere sending it to the gods because that is where they were witnessed going up as they departed that is why the lake has an almost perfect circle shape because that is were they landed i was told im assuming i was a child because everyone around me was a little taller then me beside the children i saw when i went to look up the craft was giving so much force i felt like i couldnt keep my eyes open against it and could hardly stand also the sound it gave off at first was extremely loud and grew in pitch as it gained momentum speed until we heard nothing it left a ringing in my ears the smell it gave off was a sickly sweet smell like a mixture of metal candy corn after i thought maybe this is how the anunnaki fixed their dwindling atmosphere and showed the people how to do so or maybe people could have been taken back with them as workers and then later returned and may have passed down knowledge from the gods maybe..... also (so random but had to throw this in there)it was suggested in the episode that maybe the ancient egyptians had a device of some sort that might have helped mass produce it what if that is what is really inside of the Arch of the covenant the devise to mass produce the flesh of the gods .....

Subject: "Tater Hill" By: George Widener Date: 06/01/2015

Near Charleston, Arkansas, there is a hill called "Tater Hill". It is an almost perfect cone shape, with a flattened top. This hill, does not look natural.
The hill has been used for target practice, by the military, since WW2. Could this be an ancient pyramid, eroded and damaged by shells and bombs?

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