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 A brief look into existing theories of our origins and a new hypothetical theory. 

The history of us and our origins and where we come from is what the Ancient Astronaut theory may someday be able to answer. Can E.T. answer the question that has plagued man and woman's mind since the dawn of civilization? What are our origins? Will we be responsible for finding this answer or will it be communicated to us from ouside of our planet. 




 After God made the Earth he made Adam and all creatures big and small and then he made Eve.                                                                        photoCreation of Man (Adamu) 

 For some of us this question has already been answered in our lives. It would be easily argued by 1.2 billion or so people that we were given life by the creator and it is also responsible for all that is, The Universe and all that dwells in it. That creator being God.

 -And the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth, breathing into him the breath of life: and man became a living soul.                     - Basic English Bible

 When it comes to this explanation of our origins it is less complicated than any other answer we will be able to find. Simply put, God made us in his image.



      Evolution can also be used to explain the Universe.   


    We evolved from Homo-Erectus. Where did he come from? Here's where our story gets very interesting. Billions of years ago, after the stars were formed in massive dense clouds of molecular hydrogen and the earth's crust had cooled. We then find ourselves in a pool of primordial ooze and out from that chaos of microscopic life, a shape took form that had the likeness to a tadpole.

 For millions of years it lived in the water and during that time we developed organs, Lungs and had the abilty to breath in the outside air and a spinal cord and more importantly eyes. When there was no more food we came out of the waters to a newly evolved Earth now filled with pure oxygen. The plant life and the inhabitants were twenty times bigger than what they would be if they were to exist today.  As many millions of years went by we evolved from an amphibious land dweller who's ability to move about was limited to the waters edge, to a rodent the size of a house mouse. 

 -It must be noted that evolution states we evolved by being pushed into circumstances do to the way our living conditions change and any changes involving the evolution of our planet. Humans as we know us could never be duplicated unless the same process of evolution was used the excact same way.

 Then the dinosaurs came and we were once again able to rely on our human ability to survive the meteorite that whispered by the moons ear and crashed into the Earth with the force of a thousand windstorms exterminating the largest species to have ever roamed. It is believed that not all the dinosaurs were exterminated. After the dust settled and the plantlife had finished capturing the Suns energy. We changed from the rodent to a tree dweller and then eventually began swinging from one tree to the next. Once again there was not enough food so we climbed out of the trees, we dropped our tails and began to walk with one foot in front of the other.

From there, we evolved into Homo erectus and eventually came to where we are at today.


 The Ancient Alien Theory

The Visitors came to us long ago from outside of our planet and manipulated our DNA

 The A.A. theory also has a possible explanation for our origins. It is believed by some theorist that aliens came to us 445, 000 years ago and created a human hybrid by using their own DNA and the DNA of Homo-Erectus. That explanation given by Zechariah Stichen is so that they can have workers to excavate gold out of the Earth.

 If there is any truth to the writings of people who lived in ancient times of any contact with any alien species  who could fly in a craft thousands of years ago? Is it posible that we are looking at an alien civilization that is millions of years more advanced than us. The question is; Is this Alien race that is visiting us today, the same race that visited us thousands of years ago? And did they witness the birth of us?


 In Summary...

 All of these explanations of our origins are theories and at present can not be proven one way or another but are the closest thing we currently have to finding the truth. 

 Did God create the Universe and us in his image? 
Is Evolution responsible for our origins? 
Can an Alien race who has been watching us since the beginning possibly know of our origins? 

 What do you believe?

 Religion gives us hope that there is something more in the after life and also gives us a feeling of immortality and accomplishment. After all sometimes we suffer from the human condition, that being, we suffer from emotions, The biggest one being fear. The fear of; Not having the ability or means to accomplish one's own goals that today's society has assighned to us and sometimes this propels our lives in a non-positive manner. So having hope that there is something else helps one to carry on with their lives.

 Evolution has a beginning and no ending. if evolution is right and we started out as something that is not human. What will we evolve to next? if Evolution happens due to our changing environment, What changes would be made to our environment that would change our appearance. When we move our class to a space age civilization and we take up residence in space. It will be then that we will evolve due to our changed environment of space. The same goes for Mars. We will one day live on Mars. We will evolve to live and cope with the conditions of Mars. Even after we have changed the enviroment to suit our needs, It will still have a martian environment.

  "History will give us a future"
                                        -Philip Coppens

 An advanced race would most likely possess the technology to create a race from two different species. But does not mean they did so. This is a theory and also should not be looked at as a religion, It should be considered as a possibility of our origins. My question is a simple one.

Do Aliens have the knowledge to our Origins?




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