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Ancient Alien History 

Gods, Aliens or Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations?

Is a new app on googleplay and made for Android devices and the like. The sites purpose is to have more space to consume the A.A.Theory and the Gods who were purported to have had first contact with Ancient Civilization's, from the days of Antiquity. They were Ancient Gods who stood more than 8 feet tall, known as the Annunaki. Ancient Summerians called the planet from where the Annunaki had travelled from; "Planet of the Crossing,"  Also know as the12th Planet by the Sumerians. They had counted in such a way that they included the Sun and Moon in their count.



So we are now seeing more clues and evidence in the stories about Gods having contact with man, to the first hand accounts of modern day UFO Phenomenon.
Comparing exsisting UFOs depictions of ancient art  from the past to modern day Alien sightings and accounts of other feats our ancestors did on such a grand scale that we couldn't duplicate their efforts or follow the technology that was either shown to them by A.A. or they were a T.A.A.C.
While continuing it's exploration of a Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilization. 
   The answer is somewhere in the Theory. There is no clearcut evidense to suggest that a 

Nazca Lines Peru

A Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilization had the means to literaly shave the top off a mountain and leave no debris behind.




Temple of the Condor


      Is this evidense of a technologically advanced civilization? or Ancient Aliens?  It looks like the blocks came out clean out of the side of a Mountain  - I'm talking perfect 90 degree cuts on the backside where the three lines meet to form the four inside corner's. How is this done? Lasers? - 



 Temple of the Sun

 "How were such titanic blocks of stone brought to the top of the mountain from the quarries many miles away? How were they cut and fitted? How were they raised and put in place? Know one knows, no one can even guess. There are archaeologists, scientists, who would have us believe that the dense, hard andesite rock was cut, surfaced and faced by means of stone or bronze tools. Such an explanation is so utterly preposterous that it is not even worthy of serious consideration. No one ever has found anywhere any stone tool or implement that would cut or chip the andesite, and no bronze ever made or will make any impression upon it." 
-Hyatt & Ruth 
Verrill — America's Ancient Civilizations


Mysterious Pre-Inca megalithic stonework at Ollantaytambo
There's no real evidense that supports wether Gods and Angels were here either. And if it is so, Where did they go? with the aliens?  But there has to be something to the myths and texts of the Bible and other related material. What evidense was left behind by early man?


...Here we have an anomoly in itself. What's the first thing that comes to mind. Hmm..
To me the first word out of a thousand would be Astronauts. We must be looking at a picture by a tribesmen who's tribe hasn't had any outside influences of moderern day Man and just witnessed a re-run of the moon landing on T.V. -A regular Back to the Future-  When he returned home, He drew this depiction to describe what he had seen to his fellow tribesmen in the modern world. 

Acording to paranormal-encyclopedia.com; Rock art from Val Comonica, Italy, c. 10,000 BC. The figures are often interpreted as wearing spacesuits.  

    Or do we stay content what most of us were taught in school and continue our routine of not asking Questions.  Or re-teach ourselves a new way at looking at History with a new set of values and excepting the fact that maybe our past and the History books that they were written in isn't worth the value of the paper to which we been faithfuly scribing to. And why would they do this? Was it a way to protect mankind ? From What ? Or was it way of keeping some sort of control?
Ancient Alien History asks one Question.
 Gods, Aliens or Technologically Advanced Civilizations
We hope to put forth a new indepth look into some of the key questions that is put forth to Ancient Alien Theorist. Here we'll dig deeper into Ancient Alien History's Question and learn the talk of the Ancient Alien Theorist. Also, Where did the idealism of Erich Von Danikan and others who came before him come from. and of course Giorgio A.Tsoukalos who will cary on the tradition of Asking Questions. Someone will need to continue Asking the questions.
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