Mayan Temples

Chichen Itza Mexico 

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Chichen Itza  

 Located 160 kilometres west of the Temple of the Magician in Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico.


 For approximately 3,000 years, the Mayan civilization developed vigorously in Central America.  Among their apprehensions, the ancient civilization created an extraordinarily complicated calendar that was more than just complex, it was flawless.  August 11, 3114 BC. That is the date believed to signify the starting point. And its end date of the first cycle, December 21, 2012. This day would hold no significance, although many speculated otherwise. It was in turn us who would relay the ending of Earth in Mayan style prediction, no current tribesman or shaman shared in these beliefs, some ancient astronaut theorist agreed with the Elder's. The creators are no longer here to share with us how they were able to do it but through this knowledge the earlier Mayans had insights into cosmic events, these perceptions would hold true and bring about devastating changes to the Earth. The question many of us ask is: Where did these ESP like predictions come from? Some may think outside the box and say, it was an extraterrestrial shared knowledge, Ancient Aliens. Regardless of how it appears from the outset, it is compelling evidence of a highly technologically advanced ancient civilization. At first they would miraculously track stars, then systematically arrange celestial objects and names would then be assigned.  It would then give birth to a new period of building monuments in honor of these portrayed celestial objects as gods.  Megalithic structures began showing up all around the world as if sleeping giants had just awakened. They all had the same ideal. Different civilizations began to build, even though thousands of miles separated them through deserts and oceans, they still managed to construct in a familiar fashion. In fact, many of these structures aligned with planets, constellations, the Sun and even with each other. But how?  It was a shared practice by these civilizations but with no way for them to be communicating with one another.  And this is one of the reasons it is suspected to be an out of this world answer.  The geographic relationship of the Great Pyramid aligns with Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines and Easter Island. What purpose could this have served to these people for that time period? And if it was of no use for them, who then may have benefited?  Perhaps there were vimanas in the sky at that time using it as a gps system, for any visitor coming to our planet it would have served well for that purpose.
  Carved skulls are visible on monuments in every direction. Some of the skull's character likenesses were used as notations for Calendars. The skull's motif is of the most importance to the Mayans. Crystal skulls were discovered in the Mayan city of Lubaantun, seven to date and have since been scrutinized, studied and used for worship. In 1974 an archaeologist by the name of Fred Wendorf noticed small stone artifacts toppled at the city. The original discovery of the crystal skulls is credited to a little girl by the name of Anna, Her curiosity got the better of her one afternoon when she decided to climb upon a crumbling pyramid to see if the ocean would be visible from the high peak. She made it to the top and the Sun was beaming down on her when she noticed an opening from the separated rocks beneath her. Her eye caught the reflectiveness from the top of the crystal skull and immediately ran down and told her father that there was a man inside the pyramid with a flashlight. The opening was too small for anyone in the party to fit, so they lowered the little girl down and that is when the first one was discovered, which had a detachable jar and was carved from one piece of quartz. It is a total replica of a human skull with the exception being: No visible sutures on the cranium -Some elongated skulls also share this oddity.  When it comes to frequencies and the energy that is within mass, it is believed that quartz is equaled to the highest vibrations possible on a physical plane. The skull tested positive for high properties of electronic crystal.  Quartz crystal, according to IBM is known to store millions of gigabytes of information. (125 terabytes to a million gigabytes) The skulls could then be used as a Tower with its own cooling system. It has also been found to maintain the same inner temperature, no matter if conditions change from hot to cold. The only missing item is the monitor. It is suggested by Ancient Astronaut theorist citing the legends of the skulls that they were built by humans to download coded information from alien civilizations. Furthermore, there are twelve more skulls that represent different worlds respectively, each containing information on a different planet. And when all thirteen are brought together, they will act as a "Bluetooth", interfacing with one another and great knowledge will be bestowed on humankind. 
...This is only a beginning. The Mayan civilization has an extraordinary amount of material that will serve these pages in support of Ancient Alien History.
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