Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

has often been described as the real-life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is also Erich von Daniken’s official representative in the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world. For over 10 years, Tsoukalos has been the Director of Erich von Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (A.A.S. R.A. – Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association). He is also the Publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal.

    Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries …and counting). Today, he is one of a few people who have actually visited and explored nearly all the mysterious places our planet has to offer. Giorgio has conducted and participated in several risky expeditions and adventures to the remote corners of the planet in search of the mysterious. In his undying quest to uncover the Truth he has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, seeking out strange archaeological artifacts and monuments which will further strengthen his research. Over the years, he has gained first-hand access to, photographed and measured ancient artifacts and other archaeological relics not currently accessible to the general public.


Giorgio A. Tsoukalos  First appearance ⁰¹∫⁰¹ The Evidence

Opening Quote;

     “Many of those looked like insects and fish. However, out of those hundreds that they found, they also found about a dozen that are eerily reminiscent of modern-day fighter jets. They have a triangular shape. They have an upright tailfin, stabilizers and a fuselage. And they have nothing in common with anything similar in nature.”

The Gold Flyer


The Last Quote;

     “It's an anonymous site. Not a single inscription. Not a single hieroglyph. Not a single anything. It's just there”

Great Pyramid



     “It's a very specific reason why all of this stuff was built in stone: For posterity. So it would last. So that a future generation would have to stumble across these monuments.”

“We are that society who can look at these ancient monuments and finally recognize that all of this stuff was built as a message for us to see that our past is way different than what we're being taught in school.”



Topic: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Subject: UFO and a Inca cloud formation By: Phrank Ochoa Date: 05/01/2019

My son -in-law was repairing my deck when he saw something. I was taking pictures at the time. My 7 year old was with us. To make a story short I photographed a UFO that went thru a cloud , formed the head of an Inca person. NO ONE believes us!. How can a cloud form a Human face? By all reason It shouldn't. I believe this UFO did it as it was passing by. I would like to turn this evidence over to Mr. Tsoukalos for study. I swear I did not manipulate this photo. I'll take a lie detector test if he wants ANYTHING. My daughter and her family saw this

You don't even have to show or say my name. i don't want money, fame, or anything. I want an explination, nothing more. I did put the camera chip in my computer and put the photo in Adobe and Blew it up! thats all. GODS truth... May I send it?

Subject: Re: UFO and a Inca cloud formation By: Phrank Ochoa Date: 05/01/2019

I forgot:

Subject: Re: UFO and a Inca cloud formation By: Steve carpenter Date: 07/01/2019

I saw a close one that look just like a tee pot, I used to have a picture but I can't find it .

Subject: A very strange story telling little rock. By: Donald Date: 01/01/2019

This is the strangest rock I've every had the pleasure to be part of. I believe this rock proves how life form began, on earth. Contact me I can send picture's. There's so much going on on this little rock amongst, if you touch or rock it. It so balanced, it will vibrate down to a sound of a door stop until it stops.

Subject: america's destiny By: robert luther Date: 29/12/2018

George, I know your analysis is meant to generate some fascination in the minds of people. Let me mention a few facts that relate to the creation of the USA. Back in Genesis 35:11, Jacob is promised his descendants to be a great nation and a company of nations. England and the USA are the fulfillment of that promise. God guided Americas history and the weather that guaranteed military victories to move his promise to fulfillment. Would love to see you weave this into one of your shows. OH... forgot to mention that the sun never set on the British empire at one point in time. This is the second part of this prophesy.

Subject: My Theroy By: Jim McGary Date: 28/12/2018

I have not seen any ancient alien program that discusses the possibility that we could be a prison planet being how violent we are as a whole and since we're in the universe seems like all alone I keep thinking maybe we were put here in the ancient times because of our violent nature as a species just saying we could be The Offspring of the ancient prisoners thank you

Subject: Time By: Douglas Roderick Date: 20/10/2018

I woke up at 22:01 am the other night, grab a glass of milk and then went to bed. Thinking that I woke up hours later, I walked in the kitchen, only to realize that it was still 12:01. How can that be possible? A friend said I probable read the clock wrong; no!!! For what I did in the military, I have never read a clock wrong in my life. Have you ever heard of this before? All I knew is that my heart started racing and my pulse increased greatly. Thank you Giorgio. Sincerely Doug.

Subject: Garden of Eden, Cheyenne Mountain By: Phillip E. Skiver Date: 10/09/2018

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has become introduced to me for a reason. I communicated with extraterrestrials when I was approximately 7 years old, and let them know that I was not afraid of them ... I am 68 years old, and have lived an "unusual" life ...

Subject: 8146699112 By: john corbin Date: 29/08/2018

my uncle was involved with the government in a lot of ways..just wanted to talk to someone about things he said..thank you

Subject: Pyramid shape and Winter triangle By: Nancy Date: 07/08/2018

I know Mr. Tsoukalos often mentions on the show how he would like to uncover why the ancient Egyptians and other Pre-History civilizations chose to use the pyramid shape in the beginning. What were the origins of using the shape itself? I was reading about the Winter triangle, which is the shape formed when connecting the stars Sirius, Betelgeuse and Procyon, which are the three primary stars in the constellations of Canis Major, Orion and Canis Minor. The ancients used the "as above, so below" principle. It dawned on me that this may be why those in Pre-History began using the pyramid shape as it was a 3D physical representation of the triangle formed by the Winter triangle. The main star in the formation, of course, is Sirius, which is where they believe Isis originated from. However all ancient civilizations who trace their beginnings to the stars, use the pyramid shape.

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