Robert Clotworthy

   Robert Clotworthy


 Has appeared in over one hundred Feature Film and Television programs and has worked with acclaimed directors such as Michel Gondry, Mark Rydell, Ulu Grtossbard, Paul Verhoven, Mark Romanek, Gavin Hood, Jim Zonzero, Blake Edwards, James Foley, Tim Matheson, David Green, and Mel Brooks.
 Some of the stars Robert has performed alongside include Seth Rogan, Alan Arken, Kathlen Turner, James Caan, Michele Pfieffer, Bette Middler, James Caan, Candice Bergen, Robin Williams, Drew Carey,  Martin Sheen, Eddie Lizard and Diane Keaton.                                             
  George Lucas and Lucas Film have used Robert as the Narrator on the Emmy nominated documentaries "Empire of Dreams: The Making of the Star Wars Trilogy" as well as "Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Quest." Robert is also the narrator of the critically acclaimed documentary, "Batman Unmasked: The psychology of the dark knight" as well as the History Channel series,  "Ancient Aliens."                          Source: 



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Subject: Mysterious Templar Stones in New Mexico By: Louis Serna Date: 29/06/2018

I am the author of the book, "The Templar Knights and the Mysterious Stones in Northern New Mexico"... Visit my website at to see the carvings on the stone pillars and to watch my interview with KRQE-TV13 about the stones. I would appreciate your comments / clues..! Louis

Subject: Earth wrong place wrong time? By: Jason Caudill Date: 21/04/2018

I know this sounds crazy but I think this is what happened to the underwater cities across the planet. Okay what if when Nibiru or some other large body when it made a close fly by of mars it was to far away to jerk mars from it's orbit but what if it jerked it's atmosphere and water from the planet and was following Nibiru or whatever until earth moved between the paths of the large body and the atmosphere and water from the now stripped mars and the water and atmosphere was then dumped onto earth where it rained for 40 days and nights and our atmosphere was increased by the addition of mars and so then giants and larger creatures would grow smaller. Idk but I think I could be right or wrong who knows what happened but if you ask me a comet hitting a ice sheet would cause flooding but I believe eventually ice would freeze back and water would recede from the underwater cities across the globe maybe the comet was dragged here also from mars. Let me know what you think. My email address is

Subject: Answers to these many mysteries...... By: Jim Bryden Date: 14/01/2018

I have enjoyed the various SyFy shows exploring the topics of aliens as well as the mysteries of the Universe. The monologues seem to express any possible explanation...with the exception of spiritual sources. I have been reading from many of these sources (primarily those that are channeled from other dimensions) for the past dozen years. There is a common theme to these messages which has to do with the most significant change to our planet in its entire history....most of which has already begun as of Dec 12 2012. Can you tell me why this event receives no attention from the media...other than it sounds just too
weird??? I would be happy to share my information with you or any one else reading this

Subject: ANTARCTICA ~ Important..! By: KOREY Date: 27/10/2017

I HAVE TWO NEW PHOTO EVIDENCE THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND..! Call Me (713) 935 5735 ~ KOREY ~ Antarctica - Time Sensitive!

Subject: UNDERWATER ART off the California coast By: Mark Roy Dorman Date: 03/03/2017

This is undeniably not natural. Please take a look and see for yourself on Google Earth or Google Maps in front of the Golden Gate Bridge is a pictorial of 911 I recently posted a video on YouTube WTF underwater pictorial of 911 I would appreciate some feedback on it

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